A sustainable practice carries significant meaning for our vision, our culture and the service we provide.

We acknowledge our responsibility, and understand our opportunity as architects and designers to foster environmental stewardship. MOA ARCHITECTURE is committed to learning, teaching, discovering opportunity for and delivering sustainable architecture. Our staff includes Well Accredited and over 20 LEED Accredited Professionals.  Our teammates are not just gathering credentials however, achieving accreditation is by far the best way to expand our knowledge base and experience – to be able to teach and inform, and bring the latest sustainable design and WELL Building concepts to every project we design.

With similar acknowledgment and understanding of the responsibility we have as business leaders to environmental stewardship, the concept of a sustainable practice is embedded in the culture of the firm.

  • We are proud to have contributed to the “paperless construction job site” of the DaVita World Headquarters Building – saving thousands of dollars, significantly reducing consumption of paper products, and significantly reducing waste. We are applying what we learned about a paperless construction site to a new challenge – becoming a paperless architect’s office.
  • MOA promotes a sustainable workplace lifestyle by seeking life and work balance. We know that in order to produce top-quality work, our teammates have to balance work with time for family, friends, volunteering and hobbies.  This balance promotes a healthier, well rounded, and richer personal life, which in turn supports the passion and commitment to deliver great architecture on a day-to-day basis.
  • We maintain a healthy work environment and promote eco-intelligent business practices. We offer the RTD Eco Pass for employees, we provide single stream recycling, and our employee led sustainable office task force is always developing ideas to improve, in a sustainable way, how we work.
  • We sustain and retain our talented and ever-improving staff by providing competitive salary and benefits, continuing education, personal and professional development, and opportunity for advancement.
  • Our business practices must sustain the future of the firm. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our abilities as individuals and as a firm, and challenge ourselves to intentionally raise the bar on our own expectations and performance.
  • We sustain the pursuit of our vision over generations of leadership. Our strategic “Legacy Plan” requires that we hire the best talent, provide continuing education and training, nurture personal growth, mentor professional development, and advance the top performers. We establish annual goals, provide opportunity, encourage personal responsibility, reward performance, and challenge our teammates to learn and grow. It is from this context that the next generation of firm leadership evolves to sustain our journey to achieve our vision.