Scholarship + Internship

MOA ARCHITECTURE offers an annual architectural scholarship + paid summer internship award to students in accredited architectural programs. These awards are designed to support and provide opportunity to learn and gain practical experience in concert with the individual’s educational process to better prepare them for their chosen career in architecture.  It is our intent that the internship opportunity challenges and rewards students, and further stimulates their interest in architecture.

2016 Kiyoshi Murata Scholarship Award + Summer Internship Winner

Trieu Vo


Team MOA is excited to welcome Trieu Vo as our 2016 Kiyoshi Murata Scholarship + Internship winner. Selected from over 40 submissions from across the country, Trieu is pursuing his Master of Architecture degree from Clemson University in South Carolina – and will be with us for the next eight weeks! Welcome Trieu!!



2015 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Laura Rodriguez

Laura Rodriguez, graduate student at the University of Florida is the 2015 winner of our inaugural Robert L. Outland Women and Minority Scholarship + Internship.

“MOA has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, a student, and a young intern. I couldn’t picture a better firm to work for to see the practice of architecture and its process. Getting to go on client meetings, working on renderings for presentations, and working side by side with the designers, project managers, architects, and other interns has allowed me to see how a firm is structure. The relationships I formed are not only networking opportunities in the future but they are also friendships that will continue to grow. The ability to have a coworker who has been in my shoes guide me and advise me throughout the internship was comforting. I can without a doubt say that having a mentor was a key to my success this summer. I will never forget the amazing people I’ve met and I will cherish the great experiences I had in the office and in Denver.”

2014 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Longwei Wu

Longwei is pursuing his Master of Architecture degree from Washington University in St. Louis – and is our 2014 Scholarship + Internship Program Winner.

“The MOA internship program exceeded my expectation in many ways. I can truly feel that people at MOA did their best to make my internship experience meaningful and fun.  I was offered to sit down to discuss with my mentors about the goals I would like to achieve during this summer, and they treated these goals seriously.   Working on projects was only one portion of the overall internship experience. I also had a great time with my MOA colleagues – hiking, camping, sports, etc. There are a lot of big firms with big names providing internship programs out there, but I doubt that they can reach the same level of experience that MOA’s program provides.”

2013 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Mariah Trevizo

Our 2013 Scholarship + Internship Program Winner is Mariah Trevizo.  Mariah has recently completed her 4th year as an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas in the MArch program. She will graduate in May of 2014 after spending her final year in Paris and completing an internship during the second semester.”In the time I have been working as an intern at MOA Architecture I have been fortunate enough to be involved with all aspects of the design process.  This Internship has truly been the best experience that any student could ask for. There are very few firms that will sit down and talk with you about what you actually want to get out of your time there and tailor your experience for that. In the short time I am here I am able to work on everything from model making, design and marketing work, and the CD and DD phase of a project.  Overall, I couldn’t have asked to intern for a better firm in a city as great as Denver.”

2012 Scholarship + Internship Winner | David Caballero

David Caballero, Graduate student at Syracuse University and winner of our 2012 Scholarship + Internship Program had this to say:

“The summer internship at MOA has been a great learning experience. So few firms promise the intern a program of their choosing allowing the intern to grow and develop in areas that they are interested in. Even fewer firms fulfill these promises. If it is one thing I have learned at MOA is that their passion to deliver great Architecture is only equaled by their passion to educate and develop great Architects.”


2011 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Rachel Hicks

Rachel Hicks graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2012 and was the winner of MOA’s 2011 Scholarship + Internship Program.

During Rachel’s time at MOA she was exposed to many different facets of Architecture.  She contributed in the design of a Schematic Narrative for the Casper College Music Building, assisted with design, client meetings, model-making, and construction documents. She was also able to refine her skills in Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, and creating renderings.

2010 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Tri Ly

Tri Ly graduated from the University of Houston in 2011 and winner of our 2010 Scholarship + Internship Program.

During the summer internship, Tri Ly greatly impacted our work while being involved with the design of the Davita World Headquarters. Tri was exposed to many facets of design including, model making, 3D computer models, sketches, and research.  All of the work he produced helped MOA visualize to understand the building completely. Though his time here was short, his passion for design was apparent.

2009 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Kyungjae (Joanna) Blaich

Kyungjae Blaich, graduate student at the University of Colorado and winner of our summer 2009 Scholarship +Internship.

2008 Scholarship + Internship Winner | Stephen Seng

Stephen Seng, undergraduate student at Kansas State University and winner of our inaugural Kiyoshi Murata Scholarship +Internship.