07.09 2018

Site Tour

Steel is going up at All Copy Products’ new headquarters, an 80,000-sf five-story addition that consolidates operations for the local Denver company. MOA Architecture guided a site tour with 2018 Kiyoshi Murata Scholarship Recipient and Summer Intern Hossein Goudarzi to walk him through the design concept and program function, including constructability details with Design-Build partner Bryan Construction Inc.

Positioned to take advantage of mountain and downtown views, the modern and industrial expansion ties to All Copy Products’ existing 24,000-sf building and blends office, warehouse, distribution and showroom functions onto a single site. The building will be one of the largest in the Denver metro area to feature electrochromic glass, which tints with the sun and obviates the need for internal blinds or shades. With design features such as these, including top floor staff amenities, the new building will support a collaborative office environment and company functions that meet current growth and future needs.