We understand and embrace architecture as a creative and a technical profession (a blend of art and science) linked to an ever advancing technology and communication infrastructure, guided by the structure and reality of schedule, budget, and program. As contributors to our community’s built environment, we must also have knowledge and expertise in design, engineering, construction, technology, business, finance, and people and process management to enable the art of architecture to be realized for our clients.

Our process is a model of collaboration and diversity – foster collaboration in creative development; learn, then explore all we can from the diversity of ideas, knowledge and experience.

We encourage honest, diverse, spirited and respectful dialogue in our pursuit of providing the promise and value of great architecture for our clients and our community. Engaging discourse is used to develop ideas, which leads to a clear expression of a design intent. A strong design intent drives the architecture’s creative and meaningful development. We then refine the design through critical evaluation; and develop with technical and management expertise. Our creative collaboration process facilitates communication, builds understanding, assures sound decisions, and improves quality – all essential to success.

Through collaboration in creative development, we explore-discover-learn all we can from a diversity of thought, knowledge, place and experience. Breaking through the boundaries of preconception, we discover opportunity and generate innovative alternatives specific to place, time and need. This process leads to an intelligent exploration and resolution of ideas, which in turn spurns the meaningful development of architecture. Great architecture is borne of passion and commitment, skill and execution, and the desire to inspire.